Interior Renovation

Interior Renovation

Project Information

Following foundation leveling, this home needed drywall repair. We fixed the drywall, matched the existing drywall texture, and finished with fresh paint on both the walls and trim.

The family also noticed problems in their kitchen and bathrooms soon after a previous installer completed the work. The tiles shifted under a person’s weight because the floor tiles did not adhere properly to the backerboard. Upon removal of the floor tile, we found that the backerboard was not properly fastened to the subfloor; we remedied the situation by re-securing the subfloor, re-laying the tile, and applying the grout. Now this family can enjoy a worry-free floor for the foreseeable future. We completed all of this in only two days, resulting in minimal disruption for the family.

  • Completed: 10 April, 2018
  • Location: Highlands, TX

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