Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

Project Information

This home, located in the Newport subdivision of Crosby, needed a full roof replacement.  An asphalt roofing system has three major components: the shingles, the felt, and the decking. The first line of defense against weather is the shingles: as it ages it becomes brittle. When the shingles let rain through, the decking begins to rot. Homeowners notice roof leaks after the decking is damaged. This is one reason that we suggest annual roof inspections once your roof is more than three years old — to catch these issues before they become a problem. Do not assume that your roof system is functioning properly if you do not observe leaks.

We completed this 3,100 square-foot roof in 4.5 hours. Once the old shingles were removed, we inspected the structure for damaged decking. Since the old shingles were cracked and letting water onto the decking, the wood showed advanced signs of deterioration. Two sheets of decking were replaced on this roof. The roof was also deformed due to a cracked rafter (most likely caused by stress from foundation work); we installed a sister joist as well as extra bracing to avoid future problems. This action remediated the obvious dip in the roof that was visible in the front of the house. We then installed high-grade synthetic felt and 50-year composition shingles. These products were selected for their long-term leak protection and roof system breathability. We finished the project by installing a new gutter system on the front of the house, which will help to cut down on soil erosion around the home’s foundation.

  • Completed : 24 March, 2018
  • Materials :
    • Owens Corning TruDefinition® shingles
    • High-grade synthetic felt
    • PVC ridge vent
    • ACM Rainware gutters
  • Location : Crosby, TX 77532

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